Row of harbour cottages from an original artwork by (c) C.Rowe 2010

Friday, 6 May 2011

open studios

The Garden Party (c) C.Rowe 2011

What have I been doing since the end of March.... really no posts in April, what happened to my aim of at least one a month?
Work mainly. I had to hit the studio hard with some long hours of work on the lastest Birthday card range for Art Press and I've been working on two new series of work, two, yes two, it felt right and happened quite naturally. I didn't realise how busy it would make me! Oh yes and I managed to fit in a trip to Paris and London where I took SO many photographs my camera and I were fit to burst with excitement, but that's a post for another day.

These two new series of work started from drawing lots of pictures of gardens, flowers, plants, greenhouses, ponds and gardening tools and living where I do in Cornwall the seaside just crept in, as it always does, so the result is two series running along side each other. Some just feature gardens but others are of the Cornish coastline with subtle hints of gardens in them, the odd agapanthus plant, bench or hedgerow.

This work will be showcased during Cornwall's Open Studio event at the end of this month.

Open Studios Cornwall is in it's 7th year and has over 200 artists, across all art disciplines, taking part. It runs for one week at the start of each summer, 28th May - 5th June, and sees artists throw open the doors to their studios.

It is a marvellous opportunity to meet the artists behind the work, see where, and sometimes, how it's made, dicuss their influences and inspirations and buy the work directly from them, an enriching experience for both artist and art lover.

The Open Studio event really showcases the best art that Cornwall has to offer, breaking the mould of traditional Cornish art with an electic range of contemporary work from a diverse pool of resident artists. The unique event is the brain child of Creative Skills and takes art lovers on a tour of unseen Cornwall, from remote cottages and chapels to beach side studios and historic buildings often away from the well trod tourist path.

This is my 3rd yr taking part in Open Studios and it's the highlight of my year. It really is a wonderful opportunity to meet people who are interested in what I make. It can be very daunting opening up my studio space to complete strangers, but everyone who has visited me here at the studio has been lovely and always so full of enthusiam. I have started to build up real personal relationships with those who have bought my work, making so many wonderful new friends, something that doesn't happen when you sell through galleries.

My opening times this year are: 28th May - 5th June, 10am - 5pm, except the 2nd June until 7pm.

Find the studio here via my website

It would be lovely to see you if you can make it.

C x

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