Row of harbour cottages from an original artwork by (c) C.Rowe 2010

Friday, 25 March 2011

just the card

My creative endeavour this week which i'm sharing with all those amazing folk at kootoyoo, has been involved in the making of my next range of occasion cards for the fantastic card company Art Press, who are truely eccentric about art! I've been designing for them for the last year and it has been a really wonderful experince and I feel very lucky to work with them.

Busy Baby Days (c) Rowe 2010

I feel like i've climbed another mountain today and i've actually added the beautiful Occasion cards that i've designed to my website.

Tiny Pitta Patta (c) C. Rowe 2010

I've designed and am in the middle of making the next range right now, but felt so excited about the one's that have already been published I wanted to share the moment!
I promise to post more photographs of my current work, but you know how it is when your camera is in another place in the house to you, you've a freah mug of coffee to hand and your chair is really too comfy to leave!


  1. I really love those baby cards! So many baby cards are a bit trite and too sickly sweet for me, but those are super cute. I'll be looking out for them as I have a growing number of baby cards to be giving in the next few months! They look like they'd b lovely to frame too. Kt

  2. Cheers Kt, you can find them in all branches of Paperchase in the UK and on my website
    Cat :)