Row of harbour cottages from an original artwork by (c) C.Rowe 2010

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

getting the hang of things

Since breaking my wrist for the second time this summer I've tried to be good and keep a left-handed only sketchbook endeavouring to do little creative 'somethings' each and every day.

However I have been slack at keeping up with it. I have found it hard at times not being able to do the things I would normally do with my right hand (mark making that would be second nature), and although this leads to interesting and exciting work, really there is no excuse for not doing something!

I have started another tiny sketchbook, a spiral bound 4x4inch 'pink pig', in which i've tried to capture bits and pieces from our French holiday.

Mimosa August 2010 (c)C.Rowe

I've started here with a little sepia pen illustration of the house we stayed in and the dates of our holiday. It needs colour now and i'll probably have to refer to my photographs, of which I took lots so that should be straight forward.

I have also made lots of little collages from the pictures I took, postcards collected and other bits and pieces saved. It's a more achievable form of art work at the moment and I get a lovely sense of accomplishment in creating smaller pages. I just loved the colour this outhouse door was painted, just so French and elegant in a shabby chic kind of way. The whole house was scrumptious and very inspiring to stay in. I felt very fortunate and it was just a shame not to have made many drawings or paintings out there.

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