Row of harbour cottages from an original artwork by (c) C.Rowe 2010

Thursday, 9 February 2012

pigment and water

I thought you might like to see what i've been working on during the last couple of weeks.
I've been drawing and painting which is a refreshing change from all the little pieces of fabric i'm usually surrounded by. It's small watercolour commission of a client's Sister's house, for an anniversary present (so keep it a secret until the party's over)!

I'm really pleased how it's all come together. To be honest I've had the sketched outline complete for the last 10 days, I just needed to undertake the watercolour 'bit', which was a little daunting seeing as I let too much time go by since drawing it out. I should have just gone and painted it when it was all still fresh in my head and fingers, but I didn't, but it's turned out alright and i'm very pleased that it's now complete and can go to it's new home.

So my next job is to photograph it properly for my records (woeful pre 2008) and to lovingly package it up and send it off to the client. Fingers and toes crossed that she and her sister will love it as much as I do.

I have to say that that's one of the nerve wracking parts of making a piece of work for somebody else, what if they don't like it? Touch wood that hasn't happened yet.... however I try and give each client lots of options when commissioning work and do make lots of notes so I can get a really good feel for the piece of work they really want.

I'll be brave and post feedback when I get it!

Happy painting!
Cat x


  1. Well done! You did it, it looks lovely.
    Rachel :)

  2. It's beautiful, I can feel like I have been there!

  3. Thanks, it definately looks sunnier than my original photos suggested! cat x